About Us

About Us

The cultural diversity network, is a locally base community and voluntary organisation. Promoting cultural heritage, public education and good relationship between people.

Our History

Our history goes back to the nineteen seventies, when a small group of women living on the Wirral try to find support for black children being foster by white mothers.

As a result of frustration and lack of available support and services conscious of black or mixed heritage children and relationships, those mothers had to seek out people among themselves by establishing a self-help group, Wirral Group for Racial Equality back then.

Past Activities

The development of annual festivals and family fun days to bring people and services together.

Hence our annual  Cultural Diversity Festival,public exhibitions, Staying Power, We were There celebrating Black and Asians in the Arm Forces, Army, Navy, RAF Ministry of Defence,Still available.


Caribbean exhibitions in partnership with the National Archives London.

Still available online our most recent project. Caribbean through a lens /Flickr

Later the group form links with Liverpool Community Relations council and continue to promote awareness to cultural awareness and barriers face by families discrimination, racism hate, and isolated to mention a few.

The then social services did nothing to offer any support and understanding about the cultural needs of mixed or black children.

The Liverpool links offer support and understanding about the issues to women on Wirral, the group continue to promote awareness via talks workshops, visits to schools etc.

However many children  continue to experiences  racism at school,and the group  continue issue raise awareness to  lack of  understanding, ignorance,about multiculturalism back then.

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