Cultural Diversity Network is a group of men and women who value diversity and heritage and seek to promote racial harmony and mutual understanding.

We are all from a diverse background with a rich and diverse professional and social working background.

We all believe in and promote inclusion, cohesion, impartially and respect for each other and people

Our aim is to educate, inform, and widen participation across all discipline of diversity and equality.

We are a not for profit Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Network that provides a range of equality, diversity and inclusion services, all of which support private, public and voluntary sector organisations to foster good workplace practices.

We assist organisations in creating and sustaining inclusion and cohesive environments which allow those organisations improve access to service users particularly from a diverse background.

And to achieve their legal objectives as set out with the equality protective characteristic.

Volunteering Vacancy

Opportunity for getting involved.


Becoming a member.


Time 12.30-330

Members event 28 February 2020

Venue Aintree  Racecourse Liverpool


Cultural Diversity Network 

Wanted volunteers Gardeners for our Mental health garden development
Volunteers for our older people parliament fighting to older people’s rights and services.
Representing older people issues.
Wanted people with
Lived experience of mental health issues, help us to raise awareness fight stigma and discrimination by joining our peer support group

For informal chat regarding above contact Chairperson or Garrick Prayogg

Appointment is necessary, however people support    please ring to make appointment to see advisor male/female

Confidential appointment ring to book.

Tel: +44 151 216 3530

Phone: +44 787 891 5864



Our mission is to strategically influence local regional and national corporate culture through business advocacy, benchmarking and networking to achieve competitive advantage by embedding diversity and inclusion in every aspect of business practices.

This involves the recruitment, retention and development of good employee relationships, and good practices.

The cultural diversity network aims to educate and inform people and organisations about cultural heritage. Mutual respect and better understanding about diversity in a global world.

  • Promote cultural heritage
  • Raise awareness to our rich diverse communities
  • Build friendships and mutual understanding between people
  • Improve access and services
  • Celebrate diversity and heritage

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