Supporting People

Supporting People Aims

To offer people support through partnership working, welcome anyone from the following groups

• British, Irish, minorities, including Mixed Heritage, African, Caribbean, Middle Eastern and European people, Asylum seekers, refuge, Migrants etc.,

* Parents

* Individuals

* Mothers

* Men

* Health and social care.

* Housing advice/support

* Reduce Isolation.

* Develop self-help groups

* Increase Socialization.

These include a wide range of services for people with different support needs such as:

* Mental health needs

* Disabilities special needs

Services support people at different stages of their lives such as:

* Vulnerable young people

* Vulnerable older

* People of any age undergoing a crisis affecting their housing and independence, such as eviction, domestic violence, coming out of prison, etc.

Black Health

Black men and cancer.

Black men have a higher risk of prostate cancer than white men 1in4 black men will at some point in their lives.

Time2reason is about getting information directly to Black Men, African and Caribbean men.

* Diabetes

* Sickle Cell anaemia disorder.

* High blood pressure and Strokes

* Mental health

* Anxiety depression

Research evidence confirm black men and women are frightened of what will happen.

Mental health is a common disorder among black men in particularly, a bit less with black women


Black health is about offering support for to people with illness and diseases, these include diabetes, stroke, sickle -cell anaemia and disorder, hypertension cancers, mental health.

Support for people of African heritage include Caribbean, Middle Eastern countries and South Asian

The above mention illnesses are much higher in the black community than among white communities, however there are barriers for black people to access services even when such service maybe locally provided.

We aim to working in partnership to reduce the many barrier and inequalities to health and social care for black and minorities’ people.

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